These are links to some things I enjoy and find useful

  • Choose FI – These guys have a great podcast, I find it entertaining, genuine and we get to follow along as they are seeking out advice and work to improve themselves. Mainly a financial focus but does get in to health and other subjects.
  • Tim Ferris – Interesting guy, he can be a little out there at times but I usually find some good take-aways from his interviews. I’ve also read two of his “4 hour” books so far, with the 4 hour work-week being my favorite.
  • DCRainMaker – My go to site for fitness related gadgets and inspiration.
  • Nick Zammeti – A very entertaining ‘maker’, go watch his youtube channel, he’s one of the reasons we bought a lathe!
  • Bobby Duke Arts – Another very entertaining artist on youtube.
  • Peter Brown – Ever thought about casting gummy bears in resin to make a sword? He has!
  • SmarterEveryDay – A VERY smart engineer who’s got an insatiable curiosity for ‘how the world works’. Somehow he manages to work in a lot of destruction caught with a high speed camera under the guise of learning.
  • Pond Theory – A friend’s side hustle I’m helping out with occasionally.
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